IIITB MS & PhD Admissions for the academic year 2022-23 Term2 is open now

IIITB MS & PhD Admissions:- International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) invites applications for its research degree programs, namely, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) and Master of Science by Research (M. S. (By Research)). This call for admissions is for academic year 2022-23 (Term 2) starting in  January 2023.  The Ph. D. program and the M. S. (By Research) program in this admission cycle are for full-time applicants and sponsered part-time applicants only. The students admitted to these programs will be referred to as research scholars.

Important Dates and Application Fees for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

Important Dates:

11/10/2022Call-for-Applications (Formal Announcement).
17/10/2022Research Admissions Portal is live for application submission.
11/11/2022Last date for online application submission.
21/11/2022Notification to candidates to be invited for interview and optionally, written test.
28/11/2022 – 05/12/2022 Dates for Written test and interviews.
08/12/2022Notification to admitted candidates.
28/12/2022Last date for remittance of acceptance fees by the admitted candidates.
To be announcedJoining date: orientation and course registration begins.
To be announcedClasses begin for Term 2 (2022-23).

 Application Fees: non-refundable application fee payment of INR 1000/- 

 Fellowships/Scholarships & Tuition Fees for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

  • For full-time M. S. (By Research) students, a fellowship of INR 20,000/- per month is available.
  • For full-time Ph. D. students, a fellowship of INR 38,500/- per month till completion of comprehensive Exam. INR 43,500 per month for a maximum period of 3 years (36 months) after completion of comprehensive Exam.
  • The tuition fee for both the programs is INR 64,000/- per semester for Academic Year 2022-23. For candidates admitted under the sponsered category, the tution fee amount will be notified separately.The tuition fee is payable till the student completes submission of the thesis. The tuition fee is, however, subject to revision from time to time.

Estimate of Hostel and Mess Fees for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

  • Hostel Accommodation and allied Charges: INR 39,000/- per Semester.
  • Mess Charges: INR 28,800/- per Semester.
  • Medical Insurance Premium charges: Rs 2,000 to be paid each year.
  • Caution Deposit for Library: INR 19,000
  • These rates are subject to revision from time to time. Other costs for supplies, travel, purchase of a laptop, etc., need to be factored by students depending on their individual circumstances.
  • Alumni contribution and convocation charges will be levied on completion of thesis defense and while submitting no dues as per the rules and regulations in practice at the time of graduation.

Research Domains for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

At IIIT Bangalore, there are seven research domains and we have openings for both the research degree programs in all the domains, except for Mathematics & Basic Sciences, which has openings exclusively for the Ph. D. program. The following table lists the research domains for which there are openings for research scholars to be admitted in January 2023. Please note that some research areas appear in more than one research domains.

Openings mentioned below is applicable to full-time and sponsered part-time registration.

Research Domain[openings for the current admission cycle]Indicative Research Areas
ComputerScience(CS) Digital twin for mobile robot control, graph and geometric algorithms with applications in IoT, applications of homomorphic encryption to digital identity, secure and efficient cryptographic implementations, formal verification of software architectures, formal verification of machine learning algorithms and applications.
Data Sciences (DS) Large scale data processing, big data systems, distributed machine learning and reasoning, stream data analytics, image segmentation, few shot learning, self supervision learning, multi-model conversational systems, action recognition,topological data analysis.
MBS (Physics)[Only PhD]Dynamical Systems Theory, Complex Systems and Soft Matter Physics including Complex Fluids, Cavitation & Bubble Dynamics, studies of Instabilities & Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems (both physical, biological, and polymeric systems); 3D Simulations and Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Magneto hydrodynamic Turbulent Flows (involving research in fundamental physics / astrophysics / mechanical engineering).
Networking, Communications &Signal Processing (NCSP) 5G advanced ORAN Massive MIMO base station, IRS assisted wireless system design for beyond 5G, transceiver design and implementation for 6G OTFS systems, vital signs monitoring using Radar, Channel estimation for MillimeterWave Massive MIMO sysyem, Prototype design for intelligent reflecting surface-assisted 6G networks.
Software Engineering (SE) Formal verification of software architectures, Data-Driven testing. 
VLSI  VLSI architecture design, IoT systems, biomedical systems, AI/ML hardware accelerators, Cryptography accelerators, in-memory-computing, neuromorphic computing, approximate computing, FPGA system design, FPGA based acceleration.

IIIT Bangalore has various specialized research centers and labs. More information about them is available on our website. In this admission cycle, the following research centers are actively seeking Ph.D. and M. S. (By Research) applications: 

  • E-Health Research Centre (EHRC) This Centre is looking for applications in the following research areas:
  • Affordability, Accessibility, and Availability of medical care and services are a major concern in India and similar other regions across the world. To address them, EHRC conducts applied research on Device, Data (generation, management, processing), and Delivery (services), with a goal of larger impact on, not only technologies of healthcare, but also health-related policies and capacity-building.
  • Ongoing research projects at EHRC broadly fall under the areas of Public Health and Surgical & Assistive Robotics. Within these areas, the Centre welcomes applications on the following topics:
  • Electronic Health Record and Registries; Hospital and Field Operations Digitization; User Experience Research and Participatory Design.
  • Diagnostic Support Systems; 3D Models and Visualization.
  • Image Guidance & Simulation; Image & Video Analytics.
  • Flexible Robots; Prosthetics & Assistive Devices; Ultrasound Probes.
  • Machine Intelligence and Robotics (MINRO) Centre  This Centre is looking for applications in the following research areas:
  • Understanding the social basis of human cognition and learning, and examining how to incorporate that in machine learning.
  • Understanding assumptions and biases in collecting “Big Data” and its implications in Machine Learning applications.
  • Sliding mode control and non-linear control systems and theory with applications in single and groups of unmanned systems, such as aircraft and mobile robots.
  • Automated image processing and computer vision using principles of feedback control systems, with an emphasis on industrial applications.
  • Centre for Internet of Ethical Things (CIET)  This Centre is looking for applications in the following research areas:
  •    Designing secured and high speed systems.
  •   Understanding Internet of Robotic things, Internet of medical things, and designing an ethical compliance framework while deploying the systems.
  •    Designing hardware and software systems with privacy budgeting.

Candidates with interdisciplinary research interests, such as the social shaping and implications of technology as well as Science & Technology Studies, are encouraged to apply. For all the Centres, the written exam, where applicable, will be conducted on their choice of research domain, for example, in Computer Science or ECE or IT & Society. This will be followed by an interview as prescribed by the respective research domain but also consisting of panellists drawn from the concerned Centres. 

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

Applicants to the Doctor of Philosophy program should hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent), as well as have a good academic and, where applicable, technical track record.

As an admission criterion placed for Doctor of Philosophy degree by the University Grants Commission, we require applicants to take either a national entrance examination, as specified by concerned research domains, or a domain-specific entrance examination at IIIT Bangalore before the interview.

Research domain-specific requirements are as follows:

  • For applicants to Computer Science, Data Sciences, VLSI, Software Engineering and Networking Communication & Signal Processing, a four-year Bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.E., B. Tech. or equivalent) is required for the Master of Science by Research program; and a Master’s degree in engineering (M.E., M. Tech. or equivalent) is required for the Doctor of Philosophy program. Additional specific requirements are as follows:

Computer Science and Software Engineering:

  • Applicants should have a GATE or GRE score taken in the last five years.
  • Candidates with suitable industrial or academic experience and credentials may apply without competitive exam (GATE/GRE) scores, which may be waived. Applicants should clear a written exam conducted online by IIIT Bangalore, covering topics on Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Maths, DBMS, Operating Systems, Basic Programming, Computer Architecture and Organization.
  • Screening/shortlisting will be based on the afore-mentioned score and other application details furnished by the applicant, followed by an interview.

Data Science:

  • Applicants should have taken one of the following examinations:
    • GATE examination in any relevant engineering domain.
  • For Ph. D., candidates should have a M.Sc. (Math or Computer Science) or, M. Tech (Computer Science) degree.
  • Screening/ shortlisting will be based on the aforementioned score and other application details furnished by the applicant, followed by an interview.


  • Applicants will have to take a written exam, followed by an interview if selected. GATE scores are not mandatory but will be desirable.
  • Shortlisting of applicants will be done based on their academic background and other details submitted by the applicants.


Eligible candidates should have satisfied the following requirements:

  • The minimum qualification required is an M.Sc. in Physics, or a Master’s degree (M.E., M. Tech. or equivalent) in related disciplines.
  • Candidates who have appeared and qualified in a national entrance test (CSIR-UGC NET, UGC-NET, GATE or JEST examination) may be exempt from taking a written test at IIIT Bangalore. M. Phil. candidates can also apply for the Doctor of Philosophy program.
  • Screening/ shortlisting will be based on the scores obtained in the afore-mentioned examinations or online written examination at IIIT Bangalore, and other application details furnished by the applicant followed by an interview if selected.

Networking, Communications & Signal Processing:

      Requirements (Ph.D.):

  • Strong background in Computer Networks 
  • Strong background in Analog and Digital Communication  
  • Basics of Signal Processing 
  • Mathematics: Probability Theory, Random Variables, and Statistics 
  • Optimization techniques for Applied Wireless and ML

         Requirements (M. S. (By Research):

  • Good background in Computer Networks 
  • Good background in Analog and Digital Communication  
  • Basics of Signal Processing 
  • Mathematics: Probability Theory, Random Variables, and Statistics.

Four-year Bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.E., B. Tech. or equivalent degree in ECE/CS/IT) is required for the M. S. (By Research) program, and a Master’s degree in engineering (M.E., M. Tech. or equivalent in ECE/CS/IT/Networking/Communication/Signal Processing) is required for the Ph. D.  program. Additional specific requirements are as follows: 

  • Applicants will have to write online written exam, followed by an interview if selected.
  • Applicants with good GATE score will be exempted from the written exam, and will appear directly for an interview.
  • Shortlisting of applicants will be done based on their academic background and other details submitted by the applicants.

 How to Apply? for IIITB MS & PhD Admissions

  • Please click on (https://pravesh.iiitb.net)for applying for the programme. (Note: The application fee is non – refundable)
  • All queries may be sent via e-mail to the email id: [email protected]  
  • The degree program manuals are available at https://www.iiitb.ac.in/courses/master-of-science-by-researchdoctor-of-philosophy

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What do I write for SOP and Research preparation while applying?

For SOP – Describe in a short .pdf document your motivation for seeking admission to the IIIT-B research programs. It is important for us to understand your vision and long-term goals that have prompted you to apply.
For Research Preparation – Describe in a short document how you have emotionally and academically prepared yourself for the demanding research programs at IIIT-B. Ideally this must complement your Statement of Purpose and also justify the choice of program / domain / area of research you have indicated.

What are the differences between full-time and part-time registrations for the research degree programs?

The type of registration (i.e. part-time or full-time) has no bearing on the requirements of the program, which are the same for all students enrolled in the program. The degree program requirements, i.e. for graduation from the concerned degree program, the fee structure, and the timetable for the lecture-based courses are the same for both full-time and part-time registrations. The flexibility for part-time students lies in using more one-on-one courses with their advisors/thesis supervisors; and also in a lighter semester load (i.e. 8 credits for part-time vs. 16 credits for a full-time student). Our program manuals have the details on semester load.

Can I register part-time for the research degree programs?

Yes, one can register as a part-time student for Ph. D. degree programs and if a sponsored candidate under a special agreement, for M. S. (By Research) degree program.

Do I need GATE score for applying for the research degree programs at IIIT Bangalore?

Requirement of GATE score depends on the requirement specified by the research domain that aligns with your research interests.